Putting pen to paper or should i say finger to keyboard when attempting to write this blog left me in a rather ironic state of mind.  Here I was trying to work an idea and yet I didn’t know where to start, the whole point of marketing block was to help people with this problem and here I am with that exact issue!

Which as it turns out became my exact inspiration for this blog :)

It’s nothing I have ever really done before and if you know me I can’t stand writing.  I prefer to think of myself as a get it done sort of guy and blog’s just don’t feel like you’re getting much done, usually I let the more creative guys do all that like Akira.

Eventually however I took a step back and came up with a plan and the basic first step is identifying structure, otherwise where are you actually going to end up?

Soooo… Structure … hard to define really;  let’s take my articles as an example.  The first thing I did was identify the objective, what is it you are trying to achieve?  Once you understand that you have an end goal.

Then you need to work out the values of what you are trying to achieve, in this context value means; what was important to me when I write these blogs?

This is what I came up with after many hours of dithering over it:

Objective: To use what I have/am learning to help you on your journey from idea to marketing plan, then execute that plan to take you to success or failure.

Note: You may find it unusual that I say success or failure, well here is a reality check for you, you wont win everything. The people who are the most successful in my experience are the ones who have learnt best from the failures in their life and turned themselves into a winner.  So failure is not a bad thing, its how you deal with it that separates the true success stories.


  • I want my articles to be simple and easy to digest
  • I want you to be able to take something useful away from each article
  • I want to enjoy writing my articles knowing other people are enjoying them too

The objective should be easy, that’s effectively your idea in the first place.

Values however tend to be a bit trickier, the simplest way to come up with some values is think of all things that are important to you and what you believe to be important to your idea to make it YOUR idea.  Write all of those values down and choose ONLY 3.  These are your values.

Still not able to work them out? Try this first then…

WRITE DOWN ALL THE SINGULAR WORDS ON TO SEPARATE PIECES OF PAPER THAT DESCRIBE YOU AND YOUR IDEA. Then put them down on the ground separately, which ones stand out to you?  Pick 3 and there are some good values to stand by… simple enough?

Objective and Values are always the first thing you need to get down, these will become your guidance for the future and rarely change.  They keep in check and on the path to achieving your goals.  So don’t move on until you have these ready.

[next blog - Rogue’s Way 1.1 – The 6 P’s]


2 Responses to Rogue’s way 1.0

  1. Sukey says:

    This piece was cgeont, well-written, and pithy.

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